Eli Copperman. Aspiring Animator & Film Buff

My name is Eli Michael Copperman. I've been pursuing the art of animation ever since I was a teenager. Nowadays, I specialize in designing cartoony characters in 2D animation through personality acting and strong gestures. I received an Associate's Degree from the Delaware College of Art & Design and a recent Bachelor's in Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

My biggest goal as an animator is to create a relatable experience through specific acting in characters. I tend to exaggerate my characters to further engage potential viewers who want to understand what makes an animator become an actor. My process usually starts with what inspired me to draw, from broad gestures to dynamic voices, and then figuring out how I can emulate that in my work. It’s better to implement the knowledge you gained in your life in what you’re animating so you can really make your character come to life on the screen.

Every piece of animation I’ve ever created has at least some form of humor and pathos spliced in, mostly derived from my inner emotions. I can't just express one emotion in my work or it’ll fail to resonate with viewers. Part of the challenge for me in bringing characters to life is trying to be as sincere as possible, even if I’m clowning around in the performance. No matter how fluid my work may be, clarity, sincerity and empathy must be kept in mind before I move around any figure. I already know all about the how-tos of performing, but what I still need to search for are the whats and whys.

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Please Contact me at:

Tad Sare

Area Coordinator of Animation

Delaware College of Art and Design


website: https://www.tadsare.com

Richard Thompson

Adobe Animate Mentor

Middlesex County College


website: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/gaming-and-animation/

Carrie Hermann

Animation Tutor

Bloomfield College


website: http://www.angelfire.com/wizard/viperimatye/art.html