Faded Mist:

Project in Development

Faded Mist is a proposed short film I am currently developing about a young girl losing the person they love. Set at an inner town forest, Ariel Horowitz is heartbroken over her mother passing away while giving birth to her baby brother. Faded Mist is a third person narrative of Ariel telling her best friend, a curious cat named Gabriel, about the events that led up to the death.

Faded Mist.jpg

Skeleton Script

Once upon a time, a little boy named Ariel Horowitz anticipated the delivery of her baby brother from her otherwise unhealthy mother.


Everyday, she’d talk to her best friend, a wandering stray cat named Gideon, about whether or not she’d be a good sister.


Until one day, Ariel’s mother died giving birth to the baby, named Joshua.


Because of this, Ariel and her father became emotionally destroyed from the loss of a loved one.


Because of this, Ariel can’t even be bothered to look at her brother and spends her days mourning in sorrow.

Because of this, Gideon can’t help but relate to the poor kid.


Until finally, Gideon tells Ariel that he was taken away from his mother and siblings when he was a kitten, so he never even knew his mother. In fact, Ariel has been the cat’s true parent all along.


Since then, Ariel has been reassured that even when you lose someone, they’ll still be with you deep inside, and someone else will be needing that love too.

Character Design Sheets

Each character looks slightly different from one another based on age, height and even species. Ariel's big eyes represent the wide opened world kids see when they're young, whereas everyone else has beady eyes. Gabriel also has blue fur to represent his trust towards Ariel and the responsibility he has to aid her.

Ariel Horowitz Rough Model.jpg

Storyboarded Dinner Sequence

This sequence showcases Ariel having to mature in her young age on behalf of her mother's wishes. Despite not wanting to eat the dinner her father is serving, she immediately changes her mind when both parents exaggerate the truth that she will grow up big and strong if she eats healthy, both out of grief and sincerity. 

Dinner Scene 1:6.jpeg